Turnkey Solutions for Manufacturing and Packaging using RF Heat Seal Technology



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RF Welding & RF Sealing Technologies

Radio Frequency sales (RF Welding & RF Sealing)

What Sealing Industries Inc. can do for you:

  • Provide you with NEW radio frequency and/or used RF equipment
  • Supply RF tooling and heat seal dies for any application
  • Supply parts and components for a variety of manufactured RF heat seal equipment through our sister company Dielectric Sealing.
  • Provide quality on-site service/installation and preventative maintenance on your existing RF machines
  • Offer over the phone trouble shooting support
  • Assist in the sale of your existing RF equipment
  • Discuss leasing or renting RF machinery

What is RF Heat Sealing?

RF heat sealing utilizes high frequency power to weld together thermoplastics.  During the RF process, RF is created by the equipment and is sent between layers of thermoplastic material sitting in between two RF sealing dies.  Then, the electrodes, or dies are compressed, melting the thermoplastic material into the desired shape and creating a strong bond.

RF heat sealing is referred to by many other names, including: RF welding, dielectric sealing, radio frequency welding, custom RF welding, plastic sealing technology, plastic sealing technology, industrial welding, dielectric welding, induction heating, dielectric bonding, electronic heat sealing, dielectric interface, high frequency welding, electronic heat sealing, low dielectric welding, industrial sealing, industrial welding, RF bonding, medical manufacturing, medical radio frequency sealing, PVC welding, package heat sealing, bar sealing, package sealing, high frequency sealing, HF sealing, dielectric heat sealing, HF welding, blister welding, dielectric interface, clam shell sealing and custom RF welding.  Regardless of what it’s called, RF heat sealing utilizes the same type of technology to create strong bonds between your thermoplastics.

PLC Traveling RF Sealer – Welder / Where is RF Frequency Welding Used?

RF welding is used as follows: RF equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the type of product being manufactured and the quantity of products being created.  We offer a wide selection of RF equipment including: RF turntables, HF sealers, deep throat bar sealer, position turntables, HF welders, cutting/stacking stations, automated RF welders, automated material feeders, dielectric blister sealers, blister sealers, dielectric sealing equipment, dielectric sealers, high frequency welders, PVC welders, custom RF welders, dielectric welders, automatic indexers, custom RF sealers, automated board feeders, dielectric welding medical equipment, electronic sealers, high frequency sealers, package sealing machines, power RF systems, industrial welders, industrial sealers, double sided manual shuttles, and stripping stations.  Although the machines go by many names, they all utilizes the same type of RF technology to provide you with a quality sealed product.

Using any of the machinery listed, our customers are able to produce a strong bond between their thermoplastic material in a wide variety of industries.  Rf machinery has been used to manufacture all types of products, including: automotive parts, door panels, hatch covers, dash boards, visors, car seats, head rests, window coverings, awnings, blinds, shades, swimming pool accessories, inflatable toys, inflatable rafts, pool covers, inflatable life jackets, pool liners, boat covers, billboards, medical accessories, blood bags, blood pressure cuffs, blood bags, blood plasma kits, body bags, tents, tarps, looseleaf binders and clamshells.  If you have a product idea you would like sealed please give us a call to discuss options with one of our representatives.