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Proudly Representing COSMOS-KABAR for your New Equipment Needs 

for further information please contact RYAN at 630-973-7179 or [email protected]

RF Parts & Service


We service these domestic machines:

  • Alloyd®
  • Callanan®
  • Compo®
  • Cosmos®
  • Duomatic®
  • Dynatherm®
  • Faradyne®
  • Fiab®
  • Guild®
  • HFT®
  • Hall Dielectric®
  • Kabar®
  • Kiefel®
  • Markperi®
  • Nemeth®
  • Reeve®
  • Seal Pac®
  • Sealomatic®
  • Solidyne®
  • Thermatron®
  • Thermo Dielectric®
Cosmos RF Seaing Machine
Cosmos - Kabar RF Sealer
PLC Traveling RF Sealing Machine

We also service these foreign machines:
Kiefel®   Colpitt®  Radyne®   Fiab®   GEAF®  - Fast reliable service, often within 24 hours. Anywhere in the United States!

RF Parts

We have a HUGE inventory of RF Heat Sealing / Welding Machine Parts! We stock many parts for a variety of machines.

Ceramic (High Voltage), Vacuum, Variable Vacuum, Oil .....

Fixed, Adjustable, Grid, Potentiometers, Rheostats, Coils .....

Isolation, Filament, Plate, High Voltage, Fil./Bias .....

Chokes, VIPC, Timers, Counters, PLCs, Meters, Switches, Buttons, Dials, Knobs, Relays, Contactors, Heaters, Thermostats, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Buzzers, Air Valves, Cylinders, O - Ring Kits, Air Regulators, Blowers, Fans, Insulators, Lamps, Connectors, Tube Sockets, and Arc Suppressors.